Garage Door Spring Repair Service

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Springs Are VITAL To Making Your Door Lift

The two types of garage door springs are the torsion and extension springs. These do most of the work when lifting your garage door. There is a large amount of stress applied to these springs, which causes them to break down eventually.

If your door doesn't lift properly, you most likely need a new spring. If you've recently heard a loud bang with your door, your door won't open, or you see a visibly broken spring, your spring needs to be replaced.


Many different kinds of problems can cause various issues related to your garage door spring. Therefore, a garage door spring repair may be necessary. In times of such distress, you need to hire a high quality garage door spring repair service. You need to hire the best service in the business to ensure best prices, high level of professional and exceptional quality of work.


Two Garage Door Guys is an experienced, professional and expert company in offering the best and quick solutions for many different kinds of spring problems, such as the extension or torsion springs. Our experienced and organized team of technicians makes sure everything is inspected thoroughly. We make sure you don’t experience any problems related to the garage door spring in future.

The primary objective of our company is to resolve all kinds of issues, and make sure you don’t have to worry about any garage door problems. We aim to protect you from accidents and expenses related to your garage door. Thus, our services are prompt, efficient and affordable.

Our company completely understands the significance of feeling safe and secure in your home. We understand that an unnecessary problem with the garage door compromises your security. We deal with all kinds of garage door spring repair issues on a daily basis. Therefore, we’re able to effectively resolve such problems with ease. We can provide you with the peace of mind you need.


With our company, you will be assured of the best and quick repair services. Our rich experience and expertise allows us to offer high quality services at reasonable prices. Our well trained technicians have profound knowledge regarding all kinds of garage door repairs. They will even recommend excellent options for new garage door installations. If you want to choose a company for garage door spring repair, Two Garage Door Guys will be the perfect choice.

Our perfect combination of experience and expertise allows us to provide the best services in the industry. Our technicians work efficiently and fast. They are always committed to offer the best services to customers. Our company uses high quality parts to make sure you don’t come across any problems in future. Our services can offer the ultimate satisfaction to customers. We service New York, Westchester County, Rockland County, Orange County, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

Why We're The Best

24/7 Emergency Service

We never want you to have to worry that you’re garage won’t open, or have any other issues. We’re always here to help you whenever you need it.

The Highest Quality Materials

We offer you the garages and parts from the best manufacturers you love and trust. We guarantee all our parts are of the highest quality possible.

Bang For Your Buck

For the quality of service you’re getting, we are an extremely affordable garage repair company compared to the price and quality you’ll get from competitors.

We'll Travel Anywhere

We’re extremely versatile with the areas we can service, and cover a very large service area so no matter where you are, we can help you out with you garage.

A Differentiated Team of Technicians

The technicians we have are unlike any other you’ll come across. We truly care about your garage, and are also more knowledgeable than any other team out there.

We Stand By Our Work

We don’t just do work with your garage, and run away. If you ever have a problem with the work we did, we’ll always be around to make sure it gets fixed.


Our Services

Garage Repair

If your garage has broken down, we can bring it back to working perfectly.

Residential Garage Repair

If your garage door is not opening, we can help you with your door.

Garage Installation

A garage door should last for an extremely long amount of time with some correct maintenance.

Spring Repair

The springs are actually the part lifting the garage. We ensure these work perfectly.

Automatic Door Openers

These are awesome, complicated pieces of technology that we install with perfection.

What Type of Door Do I Need?

We Can Help You Get The Perfect Fit

If you're not sure what kind of door you want, our experts can walk you through the services we offer. We can also show you exactly what brands we work with and what materials we have in stock. Contact us today for an estimate!